About us

Welcome to Indian Touch of Gallup. Started in 1974 by the Ayesh family, we have grown from a passion for Native American jewelry to offering a wide range of handmade treasures from artists around the world. Our journey is about always evolving and improving. We are dedicated to celebrating the beauty and diversity of handmade art.


For four generations, Indian Touch of Gallup has been more than just a business; it’s a bridge connecting jewelry to customers worldwide. We source jewelry from talented artisans and sell it wholesale, ensuring our customers receive unique, high-quality pieces at great prices.

By working closely with wholesalers around the globe, we bring diverse and beautiful jewelry to our store. These strong partnerships help us maintain high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Our global network ensures that our customers always have access to exceptional pieces.

our craft
Our collection showcases an exceptional range of jewelry, featuring turquoise, coral,
spiny oyster, tiger eye, black onyx, and pearl and various selection of stones and materials that span the globe.

We offer jewelry in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants, and necklaces.

We also have handmade pottery, knives, fetishes, and more. Each piece tells a story of beauty and artistry.


Each piece is accompanied by detailed labeling that includes the artist’s name, the stone used, and the materials involved. This commitment ensures that our artists receive the recognition they deserve, fostering an environment of respect and appreciation for their work.

Our Artists

At the heart of Indian Touch of Gallup is a community of artists. We value and support the amazing talent of different artisans, and our family includes the works of artists from around the world. This mix of styles and traditions makes our collection special and gives our customers a unique look into the world’s art.


Indian Touch of Gallup thrives on relationships, connections made not just through business but through shared stories and friendship. We take pride in being a link between talented jewelry makers and the customers who appreciate their work. Our success comes from the friendships we’ve made and the connections we’ve built.

Join Our Journey

As we look to the future, our mission remains the same: to bring the finest handcrafted art into your businesses and hearts. Whether you love the detailed beauty of jewelry or unique global art, Indian Touch of Gallup invites you to explore our collection and become part of our growing family.

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